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CNCA:Pilot Project of Self-testing & Self-commitment of CCC
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Announcement of CNCA on Launching the Pilot Project of Self-testing and Self-commitment of Compulsory Product Certification in Parts of Electronic and Electrical Fields

To further implement the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of ‘streamline the government, delegate power, and improve government services’ and optimizing the business environment, in accordance with the requirements of the ‘Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Management System of the Electronic and Electrical Industry ’(No.31, 2022, issued by the State Office). CNCA decided to organize the pilot project of self-testing and self-commitment of compulsory product certification (hereinafter referred to as CCC certification) in parts of electronic and electrical fields. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

Contents of the Pilot Project
In the fields of household and similar equipment, electronic products and safety accessories, the relevant designated certification bodies have identified a number of producers with favourableconditions, good quality management level and credit to carry out self-testing and self-commitment pilot projects. In the process of CCC certification application, the test report issued by the pilot producer's own laboratory can be used instead of the third-party test report. On the premise of making relevant commitments, application materials on production capacity, technical capacity and quality assurance system could be exempted.
Basic conditions

In order to participate the CCC self-testing and self-commitment pilot, the producers shall:

1. Be qualified as legal entity according to law and have a fixed place and necessary facilities.

2. Have experience in production, design or operation of relevant products, have obtained CCC certification, and be familiar with the basic norms and implementation rules of CCC certification.

3. Operate in good faith and abide by the law, and have good production quality control and assurance capabilities.

4. Have own independent laboratory that can be deployed and used, meet the general requirements of GB/T 27025 (or equivalent ISO/IEC 17025) for laboratory capacity, have corresponding testing equipment and full-time testers, and can undertake all tests related to CCC certification applicable standards within the scope of products applied for.

5. Have no bad record in the past two years:

(1) No administrative penalties imposed by the market supervision department concerning product quality;

(2) No serious nonconformity issues in the implementation of CCC certification;

(3) The results of national and provincial certification validity spot checks and product quality supervision spot checks are not unqualified;

(4) No media exposure or public opinion caused by product quality problems.

Implementation requirements

1. The relevant designated certification bodies shall, in accordance with the requirements of this announcement, refine the work programme, organize and carry out the pilot application of self-testing and self-commitment, and identify and publish a number of pilot producers before February 10, 2023 in accordance with the principles of steady pilot, fair competition and preferential use, and accept social and industrial supervision.

2.  If the pilot producer submits false testing report or commitment, or no longer meets the basic conditions for the pilot, the relevant designated certification body shall disqualify the producer of self-testing and self-commitment.

3.  The relevant designated certification bodies shall report the development and achievements of the pilot work by the end of 2023. CNCA will adjust and improve the pilot measures in due course.

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