Change Control Management

Clients should follow related product standard and regulation to ensure product certificates are valid. If you want to make some change involved in certified products, should inform certification body first, until getting approved by body, you can be approved to change.

Following change should be informed to certification body: 

1 Brande change;

2 Product name/type change; 

3 Model change; 

4 Extension of product certificates;

5 Product certificate change;

6 Manufacturer’s name change(address not change, factory does not relocate); 

7 Manufacturer’s name and address change(factory does not relocate);

8 Manufacturer’s address change(name not change, factory does not relocate);

9 factory relocate;

10 Applicant’s name/address change; 

11 Manufacturer’s name/address change; 

12 Product standard/regulation/laws change;

13 Structure of certified product change; 

14 Qualified suppliers of safety components change;

15 QMS change;

16 other changes.

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