According to the No. 3 Announcement by CNCA on Mar. 3rd, 2005, the  No. 8 Announcement on 2002has been voided and new CCC Exemption Regulations applied as followings:

1. Some products are not required the CCC certificate:

a)       Self-use commodities taken by diplomatic agents of foreign embassies and international organizations;

b)       Self-use commodities taken by agents of Hong Kong and Macau governmental agencies resided in China mainland;

c)       Self-use commodities taken by people entering the country;

d)       Commodities as gifts or aids among governments.


The products qualified any condition above, if covered by the CCC catalogue, are not necessary to pass through the CCC certification, and also not necessary to be marked with CCC certificates. 


2. The products qualified for CCC Waiver (or CCC Exemption Authentication):

a)       products imported for scientific research and test purposes; 

b)       product parts imported for technology examination and production line introduction; 

c)       products imported for end users' repair service directly;

d)       equipments/parts imported necessary to form a manufacturing production line, but the office equipments excluded;

e)       products imported for commercial exhibits only, not for selling; 

f)         products imported temporarily and will be returned and shipped out of China, including the products for exhibitions; 

g)       product parts imported in the regular trading method but for the purpose to export the whole system;

h)       product parts imported in the way of processing materials supplied by clients but for the purpose to export the whole system.


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