Automotive Certification

Automotive CCC Marking

With the speedy development of automotive business, environment pollution caused by exhaust emissions, personal safety caused by potential risks of automotive components and vehicle, which are paid highly attention by Chinese government. A series of compulsory regulations and product standards have been established, to ensure that automotive components and vehicle must meet the requirements of compulsory standards before they are marketed. 

During the whole certification process, samples are needed to be tested, and factory audit will be performed, conformity of production related documents and records will be checked as well, which to confirm manufacturers can meet requirements or not. After certificates issued, surveillance audit will be performed every year.

For manufacturers, especially, oversea clients, it is very difficult for them to prepare type test and factory audit. We have already helped many clients in the world to get CCC certificates. Long-term cooperation with CCC certification, and our efficiency and high quality service will assist you to get “passport” smoothly.

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