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CNCA:Technical body accepts evaluation results of IEC CA systems
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CNCA statement for China Compulsory Certification to accept the evaluation results of the IEC conformity assessment systems

To related CCC designated CBs and TLs:

Since China joined IECEE and IECEx, under CNCA’s supervision, related CCC designated CBs and TLs(hereinafter: Technical Body)promoted the acceptance of related testing and inspection results (hereinafter: evaluation results) in an active manner, by ways of substantive participation in IEC conformity assessment systems (IEC CA systems). It reduces the certification costs eventually, facilitates the international trade and establishes a positive international image. In order to strengthen the multilateral-cooperation systems, to fulfil the duty of mutual recognition and to create better international business environment, combining with CCC reformation, CNCA clarifies the requirements to improve acceptance level on IEC CA systems’ evaluation results and standardize the acceptance implementation as followed.

General requirements
1. Acceptance principle
The technical bodies shall stick to the principle of“acceptance whenever applicable” to avoid duplication and to facilitate the compliant products to be placed into the market in a fast-track way. In the scope of IEC CA systems(see the Annex)that China joined, for the testing and inspection results compliance with related requirements, the technical bodies shall actively accept the evaluation results or conduct supplementary testing and inspection, when necessary.

For those IEC evaluation results, non-compliance with CCC rules, the technical bodies shall take the non-acceptance decision, and inform timely other technical bodies of the same IEC CA system in China. The technical bodies shall manage the acceptance rule in harmonized way. 

3. Reciprocity cooperation
Based on multilateral mutual recognition mechanism of IEC CA systems, technical bodies shall cooperate in equality and actively prompt the other bodies to recognize and accept CCC results and IEC CA results done by China’s technical bodies. 

Implementation requirements
1.Establishment of management measures 
Based on this statement, technical bodies shall establish management measures, formulate management plans and documents to accept IEC CA systems evaluation results. Management measures and plans shall ensure that those accepted evaluation results fulfill the requirements of related laws, administrative regulations and implementation rules.

2. Archive of acceptance record 
To accept evaluation results of IEC CA systems, the technical bodies shall archive original records, reports, evaluation documents. For non-compliant results, the technical bodies shall also make record. The technical bodies shall retain sufficient records for market surveillance and peer assessment and could provide information for the acceptance of evaluation results of the IEC CA systems.
Other issues
In the annual report submitted by technical bodies, it shall include the acceptance of evaluation results of the relevant IEC CA systems. For the problems and experiences in the process of the acceptance, the technical bodies shall communicate with CNCA.

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