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Notice on the implementation of the new standard for the CCC certification standard GB/T 24157-2017 for motorcycle
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The recommended national standard GB/T 24157-2017 "Test Method for Driving Range and Residual Electric Indications for Electric Motorcycles and Electric Mopeds" was released on December 29, 2017 and implemented on July 1, 2018. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the "Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules Motorcycle" (CNCA-C11-02:2014), in accordance with the "Notice on Issues Related to Compulsory Product Certification at the Time of Standard Revision" (National Accreditation Association [2005] No. 18 And the relevant provisions of the "Notice on the Relevant Requirements for the Revision of Compulsory Product Certification Basis" (the CNCA No. 4 of 2012), the TC12 technical expert group formed and issued the corresponding technical resolution (see attachment), now The relevant requirements for implementing the new version of the standard are notified as follows:

First, the electric motorcycle and electric moped products on the GB/T 24157-2017 standard CCC certification test items and standard terms are as follows:

Name Test item Standard    Remark
Electric motorcycles and electric mopeds
Driving range and energy consumption rate
GB/T 24157-2017 Article 5.7
New standard technical requirements change
Remaining battery indicator
GB/T 24157-2017 Article 5.8
New item

Second, the transition period requirements

From the date of implementation of this standard, motorcycle products that are newly applied for certification shall be implemented in accordance with the GB/T 24157-2017 version.

For the production models that have been certified, the standard conversion work should be completed by July 1, 2019. If the certificate of overdue conversion is not completed, CCAP will suspend it; if the certificate conversion work has not been completed within 3 months of the suspension period, the old standard certification certificate will be revoked.

No certificate change is required for certified products that have been shipped, placed on the market, and are no longer produced before the date of implementation of this standard.

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