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Notice on printing/molding CCC marking
Source:CNCA | Author:CNCA | Published time: 2018-03-23 | 3262 Views | Share:
From March 20, 2018, the designated CCC mark permission authority (Beijing Zhongqiang Recognized Product Signs Technical Service Center) will cancel the review of the printed/molded CCC mark and cancel the corresponding audit fees, which will be printed/molded by the certified companies themsevles. The certified companies's self-printing/molding CCC mark should execute in accordance with the "Mandatory Product Certification Marking and Management Requirements".

From March 20, 2018, the CCC mark no longer includes subdivisions such as S (safety products), EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), S&E (safety and electromagnetic compatibility), F (firefighting), and I (information security). There is a CCC mark that can be eliminated naturally based on the die replacement cycle and product inventory.
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